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About OCON Welcome to OCON! Established in 1996, OCON is an independent animation production company based in Seoul, Korea. OCON focuses on the development and production of high-quality CGI animation and has now built a totally professional team of more than 60 creative artists and highly skilled animators. Our experienced and talented experts in 3D animation ensure professional production management, thus ensuring the success of projects and the highest standards in terms of time and budget. Furthermore, OCON has extended its business area to local distribution and overseas production service works. OCON's portfolio includes 3D animation TV series such as LULLURARRA, DR. NAZALLAN, THE ISLAND OF INIS COOL and PORORO as well as the animated feature film TAEKWON FAMILY and a variety of commercials based on the latest CGI technology. OCON cooperates as a producer, co-producer and service provider with many other leading domestic and international animation companies for a diverse range of projects. We hope you will appreciate and enjoy OCON's DIGITAL MAGIC on our home page!
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