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[Story] Ms. Dami Took Pictures of World outside a Hospital
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Diunggah 18 Jan 2018
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< Art-collabo Campain ep.2 > Ms. Dami had to look at the world only through a window imprisoned in a hospital because of a childhood cancer. After overcoming the cancer, she took pictures of the world escaping from the frame of a hospital window. Let’s appreciate her pictures that she was eager to take with her camera. Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Sharehows ▶About Sharehows Sharehows make easy and informative know-hows and deal with content curation. You can find any tips from A to Z in Sharehows Enjoy your time with Sharehows and be knowledgeable! → Subscribe : https://goo.gl/B6NTRe ▶Get More Sharehows → Mobile App : https://goo.gl/puhzwW → Official Site : https://goo.gl/1dnFpl → Facebook : https://goo.gl/w26puE #dream #hospital #cancer #story #sharehows


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