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Best Capability Test Drive For Land Rover Evoque Ever Car park episode 3

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Kungfu Panda
Diunggah 3 Dec 2014

Location: Shanghai SMP Skate Park, biggest skate park in Asia
Driver : Instructor from Huzhou,China Land Rover Experience Center

As part of Land Rover China integrated "Hidden Light" campaign for Evoque , we launched a series of Evoque "Car Park" videos revealing the car's hidden capabilities in the most surprising way.

We showcase the Evoque not only featuring surprising capabilities in urban places but also demonstrate the spirit of Urban Adventure.
These videos not only launched on China local media channels but also other social media platform as an overall integrated communication.
Just like Land Rover itself, the "Hidden Light" campaign pushed the boundaries of what is thought possible, with an online campaign that proves Evoque has it all - style and substance, beauty and capability.


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