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Cinderella Metropolitan - Metropolitan Cinderella Trailer

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Diunggah 14 Mar 2019
Kianda, also known as Kia (20 yo) works as a chef in a restaurant. The restaurant where Kia works is managed by Rahmat, a manager who has a crush on Kia even though he is already married. Kia feels uncomfortable and is annoyed at Rahmat for always bothering Kia, but Kia tries to be patient because she is afraid to lose her job. Kia's Mother, Retno, owns a small beverage shop in front of her house. Kia never knew who her father was, and Retno always says that her father has passed away. During her free time, she studies with her group of friends, Emil and Aminah, only to be distracted by Emil who also has a huge crush on her! How will she juggle everything that's on her plate?


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