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Dilema Cinta - Love Dilemma Trailer

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Diunggah 20 Mar 2019
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A story about 2 siblings that have the same way of life but different directions. Robi is a boy that is smart in the defense arts and shooting, but behind all that he has brought himself to a dark world. Whereas Safira is a girl that is good at fighting and the defense arts. Each of them has a little brother, that knows each other as well. Luki, Robi's brother, who has a completely opposite personality is good at playing the guitar and writing poetry. Safira's little sister is named Intan. One day, both siblings fall in love. Safira falls in love with Robi but her love is questioned because she sees the rude manner Robi makes to Safira's family. On the other hand, Intan falls in love with Luki, but she has actually been matched with another man. Luki and Intan are both shocked by their siblings' actions. So how will the story go? How will the love story of both relationships between the brother and the sisters go?


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