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Tech Talk #79 - Day in the life of a Test Engineer in Vidio
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Diunggah 18 Apr 2019
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https://speakerdeck.com/kmklabs/daily-in-the-life-of-a-te-in-vidio As test engineering at vidio.com, we responsible for delivering story (e.g features, bug fixing), validating mobile apps release, do daily deployment to production, and ensure our application is working well on multiple platforms. We also develop automated tests for desktop & mobile web, video playback, bbm vidio, mobile apps (android & IOS), as well as APIs. In agile, code is changed and compiled frequently, hence we must make sure that existing features are not broken due to frequents build. Therefore, it is to be important to keep our test always 'green'. #tech talk #vidio #engineers #test #kmklabs


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