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VOA Agustus 2019 (2)
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Police Officer Punches Female Protester During Protest in Moscow, Russia

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Diunggah 14 Aug 2019
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During a Moscow protest, a Russian police officer drags a woman to a van and punches her in the stomach in response to her attempt to break free, Moscow, Russia, Saturday, August 10. Russia's communications regulator, Roskomnadzor, says it has asked Google to take measures to prevent the advertising of "illegal mass events" on its video-hosting site, YouTube. Roskomnadzor said on Sunday that it had sent a letter to Google saying that Russia would consider it interference in its sovereign affairs and a hostile influence should the U.S.-based tech giant fail to respond to the request. The announcement comes a day after tens of thousands of opposition supporters gathered outside Moscow's city center for a sanctioned rally demanding fair municipal elections. #moscow #news #voa


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