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VOA September 2019 (3)
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Trump Says He Has 'Many Options' on Iran Response
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Diunggah 20 Sep 2019
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U.S. President Donald Trump said he has "many options" in addition to military strikes against Iran, and that details of newly announced sanctions will come within 48 hours. Asked by reporters, Wednesday, September 18, about a possible U.S. attack on Iran, Trump said, “There are many options. There's the ultimate option and there are options a lot less than that." Trump's statement came hours after he said he is "substantially" increasing economic sanctions against Iran in the wake of the oil field attacks that Washington says were launched by Tehran. Trump, on Twitter, said he had directed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to stiffen existing sanctions against Iran that American officials say have already hobbled its economy, but gave no details of the new penalties. Trump said the specifics of the sanctions would be announced within 48 hours. #voiceofamerica #news #voa september 2019


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