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VOA September 2019 (5)
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Indonesia- Tear Gas, Water Cannon Fired at Makassar Protesters

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Diunggah 30 Sep 2019
Indonesian police fired tear gas and used water cannons in Makassar on Thursday to disperse thousands of students protesting against a new law which they claim has crippled Indonesia's anti-corruption agency. Makassar police chief Dwi Ariwibowo said this was "no longer a protest, but rather anarchist deeds." He added the authorities arrested 19 demonstrators for further investigation. The protesters were demanding President Joko Widodo issue a government regulation to replace the controversial new law. The protests, which underlined Indonesia's challenge in changing its graft-ridden image, have threatened the credibility of Widodo, who recently won a second term after campaigning for clean governance. (AP) #voa update #voa news


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