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VOA October 2019
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March For Missing Students Turns Violent in Mexico
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Diunggah 1 Oct 2019
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Riot police were dispatched to the streets when unrest unfolded in Mexico City on Thursday at a march that marked the fifth anniversary of 43 students being kidnapped by police and turned over to a drug gang. Thousands of demonstrators had marched through the capital demanding justice for the victims. Mexico says it has reopened its investigation into the case of the disappearance of 43 male students on September 26, 2014. Thousands of people on Mexico City's main square Thursday observed the anniversary of the disappearance. The original investigation was marred by allegations of incompetence, corruption and misconduct. It stained the administration of former president Enrique Pena Nieto, whose administration said the students were murdered by drug traffickers who burned the students’ bodies and dumped their remains in a river. The traffickers were reported to believe the students were members of a rival gang. #mexico #voa update #voa news


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