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VOA October 2019
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By Donkeys, Ballot Boxes On the Move Ahead of Afghanistan Elections

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Diunggah 1 Oct 2019
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As millions of Afghans are set to go to the polls on Saturday's (September 27) presidential election, officials have been rushing ballot boxes and other essential equipment out to remote polling center using donkeys and even porters. As Afghanistan prepares for presidential elections on Saturday, the Taliban is again threatening to disrupt the polling, while the U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan has urged the insurgents to refrain from attacking civilians exercising their democratic right. “The Islamic Emirate (a name used by the Taliban) directs its Mujahideen to prevent this process throughout the country by making use of everything at their disposal and activate their plans for its neutralization,” a Taliban statement read. The statement said Afghans should stay home or risk being harmed in an attack. #voa update #voa news


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