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VOA October 2019
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Heavy Monsoon Rains Flood Northern India

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Diunggah 1 Oct 2019
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A heavy spell of monsoon rains has flooded wide areas in northern India, killing dozens of people this week, an official said, Saturday, September 28. At least 44 people were killed and thousands moved to relief camps because of flooding caused by torrential rains in northern India's Uttar Pradesh state, officials told AFP Saturday. Densely populated regions on the banks of two main rivers in the state, which are overflowing because of incessant rainfall in the last 24-48 hours, are among the worst hit. "We had confirmed 44 deaths till late yesterday night. The authorities are focusing on rescue and relief work in the affected regions," Ravindra Pratap Sahi, vice chairman of the state disaster management authority, told AFP. #india #flood #voa update #voa news


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