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VOA October 2019 (3)
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Hanoi Closes Railway Cafes Favored by Selfie-Seeking Tourists
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Diunggah 12 Oct 2019
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It's the kind of photo many Instagram connoisseurs yearn for — century-old railway tracks cutting through dusty backstreets filled with tourists drinking beer or iced tea, just inches away from the slow-moving trains. Vendors run businesses on the tracks, selling snacks on skewers, while visitors enjoy the tracks. The fun, though, has to come to an end. Vietnamese state media reported on Sunday, October 6, that a train had to make an emergency stop soon after leaving Hanoi railway station to avoid hitting tourists. One day later, the Transport Ministry ordered the cafes to shut, citing "traffic safety" concerns. The railway was built in 1902 during French colonial rule. It travels between Hanoi and the eastern city of Haiphong, as well as to the remote towns of Lang Son and Lao Cai, which lie along the mountainous border nest to China. #destinasi wisata #cafe unik #cafe rel kereta hanoi #hanoi #voiceofamerica


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