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Japanese Rugby Players Brave High Waters to Train During Typhoon

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Diunggah 15 Oct 2019
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Japan's Union rugby team braves high water and a soggy pitch to train at Prince Chichibu Memorial Stadium, Saturday, October 12, as Typhoon Hagibis makes its way to Tokyo. A heavy downpour and strong winds pounded Tokyo and surrounding areas on Saturday as a powerful typhoon forecast to be Japan's worst in six decades made landfall southwest of Tokyo. The streets, beaches and train stations were deserted. Store shelves were bare after people stocked up on water and food ahead of Typhoon Hagibis. The Japan Meteorological Agency warned of dangerously heavy rainfall in Tokyo and surrounding prefectures, including Gunma, Saitama and Kanagawa. They later expanded the area to include Fukushima and Miyagi to the north. An earthquake shook the area drenched by the rain shortly before the typhoon made landfall in Shizuoka prefecture Saturday night. The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude 5.3 quake was centered in the ocean off the coast of Chiba, near Tokyo, and was fairly deep, at 59.5 kilometers. Deep quakes tend to cause less damage than shallow ones. #voa update #voa news


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