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VOA October 2019 (4)
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Turkey-Backed Syrian Rebels Find Network of Tunnels in Tel Abyad

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Diunggah 19 Oct 2019
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Turkey-backed Syrian rebel fighters discovered a series of tunnels in Tel Abyad in Syria, Thursday, October 17. The network is believed to be connecting areas previously controlled by Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. The underground network is spread over kilometers and runs under houses, fighters said. The Turkey-backed rebels said they were struggling to destroy the tunnels because they run under civilian houses. The tunnels also contain operation rooms, lounges, and food storage chambers. (Reuters) ---- READ MORE: Turkey agreed Thursday to a 120-hour cease-fire in its assault on Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced in Ankara, after extensive talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Pence said the pause in Turkey's weeklong offensive would give Kurdish YPG fighters a window to leave the 32-kilometer-wide buffer zone just south of the Turkish border with Syria. He said the halt in hostilities was aimed at ensuring "peace and security is the order of the day" in the volatile region, and it came after five hours of discussions between Turkish and U.S. officials. #news #voa october 2019 #voice of america


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