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VOA October 2019 (4)
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Sheep on Madrid Streets to Defend Grazing Rights in Spain
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Diunggah 23 Oct 2019
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Hundreds of sheep filled the streets of Madrid, Sunday, October 20, as part of an annual protest to call for the protection of ancient grazing routes threatened by urbanization. Around 700 sheep and some goats meandered through the Spanish capital, bleating and tinkling their bells as they diverted traffic away from the city center. The protest, now in its 13th year, aims to call on authorities to protect Spain's 125,000 kilometers of paths used for seasonal movement of livestock between different grazing grounds around the country. Shepherds look after the ancient grazing routes that are being destroyed by the construction of housing and roads. Some of the routes are 800 years old. #berita dunia #madrid #festival unik #voa indonesia #voiceofamerica


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