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Masked Protesters Demonstrate on Hong Kong Streets One Month After Face Mask Ban

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Diunggah 8 Nov 2019
Protesters gathered in Hong Kong wearing Guy Fawkes masks, Tuesday, November 5, to mark a month since the colonial-era Emergency Regulations Ordinance prohibiting the use of face covering at protests went into effect, following its announcement by Chief Executive Carrie Lam on October 4. The protesters, most of whom were wearing the white masks, chanted slogans against the Hong Kong police and in favor of democratic reform in the Chinese-ruled territory. After the flash mob ended, some protesters constructed makeshift barricades and vandalized a nearby restaurant. Hong Kong's economy has been weighed down by months of protests, many of which have turned violent with frequent episodes of radical demonstrators setting fires and vandalizing the public transport system. The protesters accuse Beijing of increasingly interfering with Hong Kong, which returned from British to Chinese rule under a "one country, two systems" formula intended to guarantee freedoms that mainland citizens do not have. China denies meddling and has accused foreign governments, including the United States and Britain, of stirring trouble. (AFP/Reuters)
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