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India Migrants Hosed Down with Disinfectant
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Diunggah 31 Mar 2020
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Migrant workers in India traveling from the capital New Delhi to their villages during the country’s coronavirus lockdown are hosed down with disinfectant by men in protective suits, Monday, March 30, a move which has sparked criticism of government officials online. A local official later tweeted that the fire brigade had been instructed to sanitize buses, but sprayed the passengers because of "over-enthusiasm.” The district where the incident took place - Bareilly in northern Uttar Pradesh state - reported its first coronavirus case on Sunday. Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers are desperate to leave cities where they are stranded without work or money as India shuts down for three weeks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. With all transportation, such as trains and buses, suspended many are making traveling hundreds of kilometers on foot, lugging bags or clutching small bundles. Trains and buses went out of service on Sunday with almost no notice, giving people little time to leave. India has recorded more than 1,000 cases of coronavirus and 29 deaths but hopes the lockdown will stave off a bigger outbreak. #india migrants #disinfectant #covid-19 #corona #virus corona


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