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Voa April 2020
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93-Year-Old Man Recovers from Coronavirus in Spain

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Diunggah 3 Apr 2020
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CORONAVIRUS: Doctors and medical staff applauded a 93-year-old Spanish man who was being discharged from the hospital after recovering from COVID-19, Wednesday, April 1. ––––––––– READ MORE: Spain’s health officials reported 950 deaths from COVID-19 since Wednesday, a new one-day record in fatalities that pushes the nation’s total deaths during the outbreak to over 10,000. Speaking at a news briefing in Madrid Thursday, Spain’s medical emergency chief, Fernando Simon, said that while coronavirus cases rose to 110,238, the rate of spread in the nation is stabilizing. Health ministry officials say figures show the virus was spreading at a daily rate of 20% until March 25. Since then, they say that rate has dropped to less than 12%, showing orders for residents to stay at home are working. ––––––––– LINK: https://www.voanews.com/science-healt... #voiceofamerica #news #voa april 2020


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