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Voa April 2020
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Fact Check- Chinas Official Coronavirus Timeline Starts Out Weeks Too Late

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Diunggah 13 Apr 2020
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CORONAVIRUS Polygraph fact checks China's Xinhua News Agency's official coronavirus response timeline, which was published Monday, April 6. ————————— READ MORE: On Monday, April 6, China’s Xinhua News agency published the full text of the country’s official coronavirus response timeline. In rolling out the chronology, the government said it has “unreservedly” shared every bit of information on COVID-19 with the international community “since the onset of the epidemic.” The government’s COVID-19 timeline begins with a claim that the first cases of “pneumonia of unknown cause” were detected in the city of Wuhan in “late December 2019.” That is false. Scientific reports have said the first cases of what turned out to be the novel coronavirus behind the disease COVID-19 were detected weeks earlier. #pandemi virus corona di dunia #virus corona mematikan landa dunia #coronavirus #china #voiceofamerica


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