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Coronavirus: Bangladesh Garment Workers Protest During Lockdown

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Diunggah 15 Apr 2020
Thousands of garment workers protest by blocking a road in Dhaka, Bangladesh, while protesting against unpaid wages, Monday, April 13. At least 10,000 garment workers have lost their jobs as Western brands hit by coronavirus lockdowns cancel orders, union leaders said on Tuesday, urging the government to step in. More than $3 billion-worth of orders have been cancelled or suspended, according to factory owners in Bangladesh, one of the world's top suppliers of clothes to Western countries. Bangladesh ranks behind only China as a supplier of clothes to Western countries. The garment industry accounts for more than 80% of its exports and employs about 4 million people, mostly women. Hundreds of workers took to the street this week, defying a government lockdown to protest the non-payment of wages, according to police. The government has announced a $588 million package to help the crucial export sector pay its workers, but labor leaders say that this is not enough.
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