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BRILLIANT - SAVE ME (Original Song) Live @HardRock cafe Jakarta #MusicBattle
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Diunggah 12 Dec 2015
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Brilliant has found by Oppi and adam in year 2010 its a side project named Brilliantadam..many friends support on this side project,it's become serious project on 2012, Brilliant searching for a drummer for form a Band not featuring again.the sounds like a modern grunge with brilliant concept on every song...and now they have : Brill kurni (Vocal,Guitar,Music Director) Adam Damonz Sajita (Bass,Vocal,Airtap guitar Accoustic) Ilham Agno (Drum) FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/Brilliantgrunge/app/2405167945/ Twitter : @brilliant_ID WEB : www.brilliantband.tk #musicbatlle #musicbattle #new artist #new songs #sctv


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