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Take To The Sky - A Song Tribute To Tokyo Olympics

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Diunggah 4 Aug 2021

From a young age I have dreamed of being part of a social project that would touch the lives of all people. A lasting keepsake that could be passed onto future generations. That dream was to create an Olympic Anthem.

Despite the challenges of 2020, we have seen a testimony to human determination and achievement. Many gemstones, such as diamonds, are formed only under intense pressure. Likewise, under extreme pressure, human intellect and ability continues shining. This has been an inspiration to many, and certainly myself.

As such, I am overjoyed to announce the release of the song “Take to the sky” to celebrate the coming 2021 Tokyo based Olympic Games. This song has been composed to focus on the role that each of us plays in humanity.

Making humanity the focal point of what we do is what leaves the greatest impact on our worldwide community. “Take to the sky” is intended to unite people, to share a dream and focus on love and affection as the basis for our actions.

I hope this song inspires us to do more about humanity and the inspiration continues to shine, and be seen, even from Mars!

Isnaeni Achdiat
Founder, Komunitas & Media AKUTAHU

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