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Double.Act - Song For A Friend #MusicBattle
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Diunggah 19 Jan 2016
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A song dedicated to someone who is better than a best friend, but not in a romantic way. Written by Aryel Sagala Vocal : Vinnisya Septiana Guitar : Aryel Sagala Mixing And Mastering : Adhe Arrio Additional Acoustic Drum : Dennis Yonasa Bass : Mike Azeredo Video : Bagoes Tresna Adji Special Thanks to : Amanda Gani Kania Astari Gorga Malau https://soundcloud.com/doubleact https://www.instagram.com/double.act/ Lyrics: Verse 1: Let's recap from the first time that we met It was long ago when we still a brat But hey look at you now all grown up Wait, did I see you put a little bit of make up? Pre cho: No, you don't need those things Remember one thing You're as beautiful as the flowers in the spring People may think that this is just a fling But they don't know any thing 'bout the whole thing Yes we are closer Than any other Hotter than summer But let's make this clearer Reff: This is a song for a friend Better than a best friend No, she's not my girlfriend And we're fine just to be a friend I'm sure there'll be no bitter end 'cause I know God has sent you to be my.. Verse 2: Yeah, I've seen you standing in the dark You looked like a child left alone in the park Wait what, it's all about that guy again? Oh God please, not again! I'll make sure he gets hit by a train Because no one messes up with your brain Please release all your pain And join me dancing in the rain ##songforafriend ##acoustic ##dance #musicbattle


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