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Hair Tutorial - How to Make Braid Headband

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Stella Lee
Diunggah 19 May 2016
http://www.stellalee.net Braid hearband is really easy to achieve if you know the trick. You can wear this hair style anytime, in parties, school, work, or anything, because it looks great on every occasions You only need hair bands, bobby pins, and comb to get this look. Unfortunately I ought to say that this hair style is only achievable for those who have long hair, because you need to wrap around the braid around your hair If you still want to pull off this look, you can always buy fake braid headband from ebay or other sites that matches your hair color. A lot of stores sell it nowadays and you can find it really easy Please leave comment about your thought about this hair style. Love it, or hate it? :) Follow my blog here = http://www.stellalee.net Follow my twitter here = http://www.twitter.com/stellalee92
#hair tutorial #stella lee #beauty blogger #make up tutorial #tutorial make up


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