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Tutorial Kain Batik With Paola Tambunan

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Diunggah 5 Oct 2016
Wearing kain batik for formal events is a common thing, but what about wearing it for casual looks? We know it can be tricky sometimes, that's why we invited Paola Tambunan to share her top three tips to wear casual kain batik. Female Daily is Indonesia's biggest online beauty destinations and home to a beauty community with over 230,000 members. We are a part of a network of digital destinations specifically catered to women. You can find product reviews, makeup tutorial, beauty inspirations, industry news, pro tips and many more on our website. This YouTube channel is home to our beauty videos, produced by the talented in-house production team. Our vibrant community is the heart and soul of Female Daily. The women are savvy, intelligent, independent, and opinionated. If you are interested to meet fellow beauty enthusiasts, head to our main website www.femaledaily.com and introduce yourself in our forum: femaledaily.com/forum. See you there! :) Follow us on Twitter: @femaledaily Follow us on Instagram: @femaledailynetwork Like our Facebook fanpage: Female Daily Network
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