Published 21 Mar 2017 at 3:44 pm
"The Blessing of Many Fractures" Rand deduces that his father was going to Anzhou to shut down Gao's operatios, but were targeted by her on the plane. The former, Wing and Temple head to Anzhou, where they acquire information from a nearby beggar. They infiltrate the facility just as Gao arrives. Rand engages Zhou, who has high martial skills despite being a drunkard. The former overpowers the latter and continues beating him until Temple and Wing arrive and stop him. Gao arrives and her men engage the trio, who overpower them. Rand deduces that Gao poisoned the pilots. He spares her life and apprehends her. Meanwhile, the board offers each Ward and Joy 100 million dollars as severance. He attempts to accept it; but she refuses, later showing him photos of the board members that can be used to blackmail them. Ward decides to tell her the truth about Harold and takes her to the penthouse; but hallucinations of blood change his mind. #the defenders #marvel #iron fist


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