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Diunggah 3 Apr 2017
7 million fishing population in Republic of Korea ! Fishing is already public leisure sports. Of its population, people who enjoy the bass fishing has surpassed 30% (200 million people). Bass fishing is popular among the young people and shows an increasing trend. Meanwhile, there are people who release those bass. To increase the native fish resources and ecosystem restoration, costs more than 40 billion won each year. But the outcoming result is not very satisfied. It’s because of the species that already reigning in the water. Despite the stigma of ecosystem disturbances, an interest in bass fishing still increases. An eradication policy for the bass is still ongoing. Government stance on the ecosystem disturbances species and they think the eradication is the best option. Anglers believe that they can reduce the population by fishing. Thus controversy about the bass does not quiet down easily. This program is to find out what is the ecological disturbance and to find out how it actually affect our ecosystem, we look at the bass which prey native species indiscriminately in our ecosystem. By looking at the international reports which effectively manage the ecosystem disturbances, we try to find a way for manage and control our reality. In addition, Other ways to disturb the ecosystem species eradication policy - Leisure Sports (fishing) activation and use of certain industrial plan - bass fishing tournament held in Hwacheon, bass manure Development, cooking - the excavation, suggest the way to control population and reduction measures.
#ftv #fishing #water #documentary #environment #asia #history #sports #korea #wild


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