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Diunggah 3 Apr 2017
What game fish lives in a wide blue ocean, and what strategies can we employ, and how can we catch them? Ocean lure fishing, a type of fishing dramatically rising in popularity among especially young fishermen, has been developed and widened in its methods and range of game fish, all of which creates more curiosity for answers to above question. On decks, seashore rocks, and breakwater, etc, we are about to find the best way to meet the lure fishing game more effectively through experts from each region. Ocean lure fishing strategies for game fish in each region and season! In each target ocean and fishing point, qualified approved lure fishing experts(Purefishing staff) will present ‘New style of Ocean Lure Fishing.’ It will show various preparation and equipment for strategic approach to game fish and present information and contents for men and women of all ages to easily access and participate together in ocean lure fishing.
#entertainment #ftv #fishing #water #documentary #environment #asia #history #sports #korea


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