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Diunggah 3 Apr 2017
Minors dreaming about a resurgence of rebellion! Human real variety - belly laugh hold real comedy and sorrows are dissolved in the stories of four men. " Like debut, but it’s not a debut, seems debut" Wook Choi did not debut brilliantly as entertainer! Solo album ‘hundulhundul’ and "heungbu is otally gnarly!" over 20 years, Sunghwan Jo live as yookgaksu though he has some fed words.From now, Dong yeup Lee wants to come up in variety show! Eric, who had lived for 20 years in California left his own country and live on distant foreign country! Four men do not dream about feast, they go to sea to taste the essence of ramen. ‘Infamous, unknown’ celebrities desperately struggle towards a dream! And the tireless tenacity and passion ! There is tasty samsi ( seafood )ramen which is better than three meals a day! Please pay attention to these 4 men now ! The minors of rebellion begins.
#entertainment #ftv #fishing #water #documentary #environment #asia #history #sports #korea


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