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Naokitty's Half Burned Face Makeup Tutorial

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Diunggah 18 May 2015

Hi everyone..
Happy halloween! I know I know, halloween 2014 was over.. but, I'd like to still upload this video because I remember what Michelle Phan's said: "Better late than never!" u yeah, love u mish~ XD

So, I just fallin' love with this look, as a request then I made this tutorial for you guys. Maybe Im not really expert, but I'll keep trying and learning :)

Ok, the things that you're really need is a glue (safe for skin), tissue, foundation, concealer, red and black eyeshadow, and LIPTINT as a fake blood. lol because I can't finding fake blood in here so I use liptint.

So guys I hope this tutorial can help you. And dont forget to SHARE, like and subscribe to my channel, and see you again on the next video! xoxo

Music by: Tsukinosora, Next Door - Blue Moon

Find me:
Facebook: Rizka Amelia (Naokitty)
Twitter: @Naokitty_
Instagram: @Naokitty01

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