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Cinemax - ISA

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Diunggah 4 Jul 2015
Isa Reyes (Jeanette Samano) is graduating from high school to study computer science when she is hit by a car. At the hospital, doctors find a foreign object inside her brain giving off a radio signal. That night, Isa dreams that she is being driven home by her deceased parents, and her mother tells her there was no accident. She wakes up inside the dream and breaks into a vault wherein she finds a golden cocoon. As Isa is dreaming, her phone is transmitting a radio signal to two engineers in Mexico who are monitoring her dream remotely. The engineers interpret Isa's dream as a break-in and reboot their system, causing Isa to wake up in pain. She’s holding the very cocoon she dreamt about.
#isa #film #cinemax #promo nexmedia #nexmedia


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