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Sarapan Khas Jepang dengan Natto yang Lengket
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Diunggah 10 Sep 2015
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So this is Typical Japanese Breakfast. I'd say it's very simple. About natto, you just gatta try and see how you like it (→__→)hehe How do you guys like our traditional breakfast? Is it complicated? simple enough? or disgucting? I don't usually eat natto myself, but sometimes I get so hungry for it! I don't know why...Maybe it's just because I'm Japanese? Do not even kiss your gf/bf after you had natto. It'd be worse than garlic! Oh I've heard Swiss? or Sweden, they have really stinky canned fish food as well. I wonder how stinky it is... #lengket #jepang #sarapan #makan-makan


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