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How I Usually Dye My Hair - Asian Ash Blonde Hair

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Stella Lee
Diunggah 24 May 2016
Many ask me how I dye my hair usually. For the past year, I have been letting professional do my hair to make the color even. I usually have it bleached 1/2 times for the roots touch up, and then put purple to get rid of the orange brassiness In this video I am showing you how I usually do it and spend time at salon This time the salon featured is Ryoji Sakate Hair Lounge, located at Senopati. It is right above Pao Pao and Arasseo. The owners are my friends. Ryoji himself is an experienced hair stylist in Tokyo and New York, he speaks english well so you can communicate with him quite easily I am talking in Bahasa for this video because I want to reach Indonesian readers more. Are my readers based in Indonesia or overseas more? Let me know :D A little ad, I want to say sorry to my hair for torturing it many many times. You can use hashtag #SorryToMyHair to talk about your bad behaviour toward your hair too, and also tag @EllipsHairCare to win millions of rupiah prize :D This video is sponsored by Ellips Hair Care Next week I am going to upload a plastic surgery FAQ question. So you can also leave comment below about your curiosity regarding plastic surgery :) See you guys again next time www.stellalee.net www.instagram.com/stellalee92
#hair tutorial #tutorial rambut #make up tutorial #stella lee #beauty blogger


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