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Sutera Trailer( Edited)

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Diunggah 25 Jul 2017
A digital lifestyle publication that aims to deliver news #theBruneiway www.sutera.co strives to add to the media hemisphere with of both locals and international visitors alike, with information and coverage of Brunei Darussalam. Perfect for those planning a visit to Brunei, as you can be prepared, with all the content we'd be posting. Ranging from adventures, to local food spots and even luxurious indulgences, including Hotels, there is surely something for everyone! Evenmore, we'll be including a range of events that will be happening in the sultanate, so you can enjoy and be in the loop, with just a click of a button. So click and subscribe to our channel! Or visit us at our website: https://sutera.co
#brunei #brunei darussalam #sutera


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